On today’s episode, I am joined by Adam Benedict of the Pine Barren Institute to discuss his first book Monsters in Print along with his website.

Adam Benedict, a native Wisconsinite, is a designer by trade and a researcher by choice. Drawn to the weird at a young age thanks to the likes of Robert Stack and Leonard Nimoy, Benedict has spent a good portion of his life studying up on the weirder parts of history. Realizing that the knowledge he had gained might be of some interest to others, Benedict founded The Pine Barrens Institute in 2015. Since its creation, The PBI has become a well-received online gathering point for general Midwest Strangeness.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Monsters in Print will make the perfect Christmas gift for the seasoned or budding Cryptozoologist.  Monsters in print can be found here.

To follow Adam Benedict just head on over to the Pine Barren Institute’s website here.  Here you can find links to Adam’s Social Media, along with articles on cryptic sightings and other interviews he has done.

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**EDIT – I must have Pokemon on the brain.  During the interview, I call the Coelacanth (the “living fossil” fish) a Relicanth in error.  This was caught after recording**


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