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This all started out as an obsession of researching the Forteana.  I would then relay everything I learned back to my wife, night after night, for hours on end.  That is when I decided to take this one man show to the road, or actually, the airwaves and share my interests with like-minded people.  With a love of cryptids, aliens, ghosts and folklore, Obscure Anomalies was born.  Come follow along as I take you through everything from your “A” listers like Bigfoot to your more obscure and lesser-known.  And remember #jointheobscure.

Meet the Host

Kris Rustic

Kris is a graduate of the University of New Haven, receiving his bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a double minor in Quantitative Analysis and Behavioral Economics.  His true, love however, stands in the mysteries of the world.  A Connecticut born Skateboarder, if he is not researching some strange mystery, you are sure to find him with a guitar in hand, listening to Deftones, or down in Disney with his wife.