Some #muertography while you wait for OA
Fresh Snow Covers Ground
Hiding the Flaws Left Behind
A blank canvas, born
📸 Nikon D5600
Lens: 18mm
Shutter: 1/1600 sec
F-Stop: f/3.5
ISO: 100

Michael C. Hall is back on Showtime's DEXTER. Cinemondo takes a look at the teaser trailer and then discusses the ups and downs of this series that aired from 2006-2013. Coming this fall!

UndeadMatt and KrampusCody sit and talk about their hate for Mortal Komabt (2021) their love for Mortal Kombat:Scorpions Revenge (2020) and review the movies The Furies (2020) and Happy Hunting (2017) and make the case as for why you should watch them now

Would you kill for love ❤️

Would you kill for money 💰

These 2 did, because they liked it.

Listen to Lonely Heart Killers out today!

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