In the latest #WeirdTales Radio Show we talk to the Reverend Bill McDonald about everything from #UFOs & #alien abductions to near death experiences, the #Vietnam War – we’re into the men who stare at goats territory here, meditation & #mysticism.

Introducing the Cryptid Cinema Club! Once a month we explore a piece of cryptid cinematic history and we’re kicking it off with The Legend of Boggy Creek! This film shook the world when it came out in 1972, and still serves as one of the most terrifying Bigfoot films ever made.

Hey everyone, we are currently accepting commissions for review!

T-shirt design? Band merch? We would be thrilled if you’d consider letting us assist you with your illustrational needs. Send us a DM or an email, and let’s get started!

#fbf to that time I was an "Extra" in the Indiana Jones Experience at waltdisneyworld.

Even got to act out the long drawn out death via blow dart.

Time to update my IMDB.

#JoinTheObscure @ Disney's Hollywood Studios

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